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Who We Are

As a Chico based solar company, we are your local solar provider for the North State! We are a team of tight knit professionals dedicated to providing you the very best customer experience. As a Master Dealer for solar manufacturer SunPower, we make it easy to provide you with industry leading solar panels, service, and financing options! We are SunPower by Alternative Energy Systems, here to serve you!

What We Do

SunPower by Alternative Energy Systems provides residential, commercial, and agricultural solar systems. Our focus is 100% on solar by designing, installing, and servicing your solar system! Our Solar Learning Center provides a comfortable, unmatched solar experience. Stop by the Solar Learning Center to learn about everything there is to go solar or to ask any of your questions to one of our experienced solar consultants! Everyone is welcome to our Solar Learning Center by appointment or walk-in. However, if you prefer an in-home appointment then you can schedule a time with one of our solar consultants as well!

Why You Should Choose Us

Solar is a lifelong lasting product that should not be decided at the doorstep. There should be a trusted relationship built between both parties, which takes time. We advise you to avoid getting rushed or pressured into ANY quick solar decisions. Rather, we encourage you to go about solar in a relaxed, not pushy, process. At SunPower by Alternative Energy Systems we want you to make your own solar decisions, be informed throughout the process, and feel comfortable doing so. Stop by SunPower by Alternative Energy Systems, because with our service and products, there is a difference.

You Aren’t Alone.

California currently leads the charge in homes, businesses and agricultural facilities that rely on solar power to either offset their energy cost each month or eliminate their dependence on the grid entirely. We’re committed to keeping California at the forefront of this initiative.

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